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★ Welcome! ★

★ To-do List ★

★ To-Do List! ★

(In order from oldest to newest....)

:bulletred: Done for now!

:bulletwhite: MORE TO COME.....

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grey: 0% complete by KngCorvidae - 0% - Not started
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Solo's Commissions + Custom Adopts! [Closed]

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 25, 2017, 10:34 PM

(For Prices in points $1 = 100:points:)


  1.  I'll draw pretty much anything that doesn't make me uncomfy so if you want something that's not on the list just ask. I'll draw fanart, fan characters, OCs, w/e.
  2. I only take-up front payments because I've had ppl run off without paying, sorry
  3. If it's super complicated or hard to draw I might ask for more then the listed price, so ask for mechas and complicated designer ballgowns at your own risk
  4. Thanks for understanding ★
Short & Sweet Prices Version ★
Chibi:    $10+↑
Waist-up:   $15+↑    
Full Body: $20+↑
Custom Adopt: $20+↑
~Comment on this Journal or Note me~

Keep Reading for Examples and stuff


Custom artins'


Price: $10 USD for first character

+$5 USD for each character there after
Berry Fizz Cocktail Pony extra for KayzieRaichu by azume-adopts  Human Spring Pony chibis for  KayzieRaichu by azume-adopts  Chibi commission for ChilledButter by azume-adopts  Drummer Gal adopt extra for Aurora-dorable by azume-adopts [Halloween2017] Gargoyle Chibis for eventideponies by azume-adopts


Price: $15 USD for first character

+$6 USD for each character there after
Waist-up Chimchar extra for ShihSnTz by azume-adopts  Bust Up for ReluctantlyRed by azume-adopts  Perfect Peach Martini Pony adopt extra waistup by azume-adopts Human + Anthro macaroon pony Custom Adopt by azume-adopts Snow Queen+Ice King extra wastups for Umeki-18 by azume-adopts Contest Prize waistup for HyRei by azume-adopts


Price: $20 USD for first character

+$10 USD for each character there after
Tarot Adopts - V. THE HIEROPHANT by azume-adopts [BoTW Adopts] Toucan Rito for XiaLOK by azume-adopts Tarot Adopts - X. THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE by azume-adopts [Halloween2017] Kyuubi Family for Deidarakitty by azume-adopts

(Do I really need to put more examples u get it right lol see below)


Custom character designs


 Price: $20 USD each

+$5 USD for every item/weapon/accessory etc
Custom adopt for XJustWantsAHugX by azume-adopts [Halloween2015] Spider Family Adopts sheet by azume-adopts CYOP Mage Serval sheet for Sadbloom by azume-adopts Three Musketeers - Aramis - sheet by azume-adopts Auspicious Eight sheets - Endless Knot for Ji-Yunn by azume-adopts Santa's Reindeer Sheets - Comet by azume-adopts [CLOSED] Demon Guitarist [InfernalEnsemble adopts] by azume-adopts Samurai Cat-fish boys Adopts  [CLOSED] by azume-adopts [Halloween2017] Gargoyle family for eventideponies by azume-adopts

My Little Pony logo by azume-adopts

MY LITTLE PONY Custom Ponies

- Custom ponies are $10 each.

You can add a custom cutie mark for +$5 if you have a talent in mind
Fine China sheet for SerBronn by azume-adopts Red Velvet Cake pony for SushiStarBomb by azume-adopts Jellybean Pony adopt for Umeki-18 by azume-adopts Strawberry Banana Paradise drink pony for Umeki-18 by azume-adopts Camellia Green for Ashourii by azume-adopts Faberge Egg Pony 5 for KayzieRaichu by azume-adopts


Steven Universe by azume-adopts


- Custom gems are $20 each

- You are free to request a fusion of two existing characters for the same price. I also have done blind-fusions (leaving the partners unknown like Garnet in the first half basically).

- ★ FUSION PACK: $35

You can get a 2-way fusion (2 custom Gems and their fusion) for $35


You can get a 3-way fusion (3 custom Gems and their fusion (or any of their two-way fusions, if you prefer)) for $50.

Black Pearl custom gemsona for CocoAshes by azume-adopts Custom Gemsona fusion Topaz for LavvytheJackalope by azume-adopts Custom Gem Fusion for Electtonic - Aventurine by azume-adopts Custom Gemsona fusion Blue Dalmatian for Araneados by azume-adopts Quartz + Chalcedony gemsona designs for AdamAnt543 by azume-adopts Jet Black custom fusion for Ieopards by azume-adopts 11 Custom Gemsona Fusions Pack For mewmew151 by azume-adopts

POKEMON Custom Gijinkas

Custom Pokemon gijinkas are $20 each.

Any Pokemon as long as I ain't tired of them lol

- :pokeball: POKEMON TRAINER PACK: $40 

You can get a full evolution line (3 custom Pokemon (ie, Pichu > Pikachu > Raichu) for $40.

- :pokeball: POKEMON MASTER PACK: $100

You can get a FULL TEAM (6 custom Pokemon + 1 custom Trainer (or a 7th Poke) ) for $100.

  3 Pokemon custom gijinkas for AlexLyre by azume-adopts Chandelure adopt sheet by azume-adopts Nidocuties sheet for doomslace by azume-adopts Custom Hydreigon adopt for EctoStupor by azume-adopts Mega Banette custom adopt for SparksOfDiscord by azume-adopts Feraligatr gijinka sheet for d-mau5 by azume-adopts [PKMN] Noivern custom for PanicWonderland by azume-adopts [PKMN] Lunala sheet for dragon-lady-nfld by azume-adopts Mareep line custom adopts for Aiski by azume-adopts
POKEMON MASTERS: Pokemon Gijinka custom for team Aurora-dorable by azume-adopts  7 Pokemon Custom Adopts - Team OrionaMastacia by azume-adopts

SLOTS are in the description.
Please note me if your interested!
Thanks for reading!


★ Read ★

★ Storenvy ★



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